One Man with Courage Standing Against Evil

Darian Edwards is on a one-man crusade to rid North Baton Rouge of drug dealers, black-on-black crime, and illegal foreign workers who take the jobs of poor people.
So day after day, he carries signs protesting what is going on all around him.  His signs say:
•    “I am a working man! Drug dealers, your drugs do more damage than a racist cop.”
•    “Do not tolerate the evil of the drug trade.”
•    “After big business and foreign workers pay no taxes, the Louisiana working man must make up the shortage.”
•    “Edwards Broome lawmakers living the good life while poor neighborhoods are a cesspool of crime and violence.”
Darian, who works full time, spends much of his free time carrying signs at the intersection of North Foster and Gus Young, North Foster at Florida, downtown, and on the campus of Southern Universty.
In an interview, Edwards said, “When a white cop kills a black man, everyone protests, but when a black man kills another black man, no one says anything, and that is far more common. I want to stand up for all the people.”
“I’m asking people to take a stand against drug dealing and for jobs, peace, and nonviolence!” he said.
Edwards also has a message for drug dealers. “You’re destroying your life with drugs and alcohol. Don’t throw your entire life away.”
He also challenged political leaders in Baton Rouge, saying “You need to focus on getting jobs for our people and getting rid of the drugs, murder, and theft. Drive around once or twice and you will see where it is.”
Edwards said he gets mostly a positive response, but while standing on the corner of North Foster and Florida one afternoon, this reporter saw him attacked verbally and physically. A carload of young women who stopped at the light pelted him with obscenities.
A few minutes later, a panhander lunged at him with a knife. We videoed the attack, filed a report with City Police, and told them the video existed, but the police never contacted us again.

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