Pro-Life Was Big Winner in Tuesday’s Election

Pro-Life Was Big Winner in Tuesday’s Election

The Republican tidal wave of victories arrived all at once Tuesday night around 10 p.m. By 10:30 p.m., the liberal media was already playing down the victories and cautioning that the Republicans must “work with” President Obama.  That’s amazing, because Obama hasn’t worked with anyone — Republican or Democrat — since he was elected. For Obama, it’s “My way or the highway,” which is in part responsible for the remarkable failure of his presidency.
By Wednesday, Speaker John Boehner was already talking about “compromise” with the President.  What?
This historic majority — a 100-year high mark — was elected to stop and undo what Obama is doing — not pander to his idiosyncrasies.
On Wednesday, Obama said very clearly: I have heard the voters, and I don’t plan to change course!  One headline read, “Obama Defiant Despite Humiliation”!
With a net gain of eight new senators and Louisiana still out, Republicans in the Senate will have a working majority.  Republicans in the House will have a huge majority.  This is not the time to play piddy-pat with Obama.
January will be the time to move forward on many fronts.  It is essential that Congress use the power of the purse to enforce its will. That means restricting how Obama uses the taxpayer’s money.  While Obama can veto regular legislation, his ability to veto appropriations has limits, and that is the vulnerability that Republicans must exploit.
Perhaps the biggest winner Tuesday was the right to life.  Eight pro-life Republicans defeated eight pro-abortion Democrats in the Senate.
The Senate will be far more pro-life than in the past.  In addition, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms won victory after victory, as pro-gun Senate candidates and gubernatorial candidates defeated Democrats who favor gun control.
It is an historic time.  Now we will see if Republicans will move forward expeditiously with pro-free enterprise, fiscally conservative polcies.  They must rein in Obama on a host of critical issues, starting with illegal immigration.

Senate Race in Louisiana. Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy made a good showing, as did conservative Republican Col. Rob Maness, who won more than 200,000 votes. Incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu will fight, and her hope is to turn out her base, while Republicans slumber, secure in the knowledge that she can’t win.   The reality is she can win, if Republicans don’t do their job. Congressman Cassidy must reach out aggressively to bring into the fold Col. Maness and the conservative base which supported him.  That means taking a strong conservative stand on the issues and communicating those policies to the electorate.

Sixth District Race.  In the Sixth District, Garret Graves too must reach out to conservatives.  He polled 27 percent but must appeal to those who voted for Paul Dietzel, Dan Claitor, Lenar Whitney, Craig McCulloch and the other Republicans.  That means healing the differences and bringing people together.

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