St. George’s Goal: Get Signatures Now!

St. George’s Goal: Get Signatures Now!

St. George incorporation spokesman Lionel Rainey III told the Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge last Tuesday that July 23, 2014, used to be goal for supporters but now it is a hard deadline.

“For months, we said that we hope to have the signatures to put the incorporation of St. George on the ballot for this November.  July 23 is the deadline for turning in the signatures.  But now, with all of the attacks we face in the legislature, July 23 is no longer a ‘goal,’ it may be a drop-dead date.  If we fail to meet that deadline, the adverse legislation may prevent us from being on the ballot at all.”

St. George incorporation chairman Norman Browning told the group, “Make no mistake, all of the legislation making it more difficult to form a new city is directed at the City of St. George.”

“You have to remember, the legislature started all this.  We proposed creating a new school system, and they told us, we had to create a new city first.  Then, when we try to create a new city, they want to change the rules in the middle of the game, in order to make it much more difficult or to prohibit it altogether.”

“Our people believe in this country and the right to vote, and they’re not going to take that away from us.  We are in the process of collecting the signatures.  What’s important is how many signatures we have in July,” he said.

“This all started with trying to improve public education but now it’s become more than that.  It’s about self-determination.  The people of St. George deserve the right to govern themselves,” he said.

Browning said he is very confident they will be able to gather the signature by the July 23 deadline.

“The more they attack our efforts to create an independent school district and a new city, the more enthusiasm it builds among the people of St. George.  We’re working hard, and we encourage everyone who supports this effort to come sign the petition and to volunteer and get involved.”

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